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Creating value for things that are thrown away

Scheme to realize circular economy

We transform textiles that have previously been discarded, such as waste fibers and used clothing generated in the textile manufacturing process, into new textiles and give them new value.

Please join us in the B-LOOP™ initiative as we work together to build a sustainable future and create a better environment for the next generation. We sincerely look forward to your participation in our partnership to make the earth more sustainable and beautiful in the future.

The apparel industry
is the second most harmful industry in the world

The issue of environmental destruction, which has been attracting attention in various industries in recent years, has become a huge issue for the apparel industry as well.

The manufacturing process of the clothing we wear every day consumes large amounts of water and generates textile waste, placing a large burden on the environment. A large amount of yarn and fabric is discarded during the clothing manufacturing process, and most of it is incinerated.

Through B-LOOP™, we have started a project to reduce the amount of textile that would otherwise be thrown away and turn it into new textile.

source:FY21 Nike Impact Report


Scheme B-LOOP™
enables textile  circulation in global

\  Global network centered on Asia /

B-LOOP™ utilizes Chori's strength in its global network to build a system to collect and recycle textile waste generated during the manufacturing process of textile products manufactured in Japan and Asia.

It will enable textile recycling not only in Japan but also in Asia, where there are many fabric and sewing bases.


B-LOOP™ circular process


Sustainability possible
with B-LOOP™

Effective use of resources

Recycle textile that are supposed to be disposed and reduce the amount of textile waste that are incinerated.

Reducing petroleum resource use

By recycling into polyester yarn, we reduce the amount of limited petroleum resources used.

Reducing GHG emissions

Through recycle into various products, we reduce incineration and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Value chain
from collection to recycling

With B-LOOP™, Chori coordinates all aspects of the handling, transportation, and  recycled products in cooperation with partner companies. When it comes to polyester, we collaborate with global synthetic fiber manufacturers, which is Chori's strength, to propose yarns that are not only recycled but also have added value.


We work with companies in Hokuriku (synthetic fiber textile producing area) in Japan that have strong ties with Chori to collect waste fibers generated in the yarn and fabric production process, in order to contribute to reducing the amount of textile waste. We are working on recycling it.




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